Blog posts: more colourless green ideas and sad news

Here are just two blog posts I want to give more visibility to (which makes no sense because I have less readers than both blogs negatively combined, but anyway):

One is a blog post on History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences, about predecessors to the famous sentence “Colourless green ideas sleep furiously”, showing that authors such as Russell, Carnap and Tesnière made similar points before Chomsky. Go over there to read about gems such as “Quadruplicity drinks procrastination.”

The other blog post is a sad one, Omer Preminger posting about leaving academia. The reason is unfortunately not very uncommon: the inability to live together with your partner if one or both of you are in academia.

I wish Omer all the best for the next step. (Inappropriately and egoistically, I of course hope that this doesn’t necessarily mean that all of his blogging stops for good, but that’s beside the point.) The decision can’t have been an easy one, so I hope everything works out well for him in the future.

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