Science hotline

So there is this video by Vox about how Hollywood can get access to scientists in the relevant fields.

It starts with the movie Arrival, and how an actual physicist told Hollywood people that “Fourier numbers” doesn’t mean much, and suggested instead the “Fibonacci series”.

This is in general a pretty cool idea. The more accurate science is portrayed in movies the better!

Although I have to add that I’m a little sour considering how they treat linguists!

It starts by saying that this guy – a scientist – is brought in to help them communicate, not mentioning the fact that a scientist is already on board, one whose field of expertise is far more important for their goal: a linguist.

But I guess that doesn’t count as a scientist – that is not surprising considering how they portray Louise Banks in that movie. The stuff she talks about in the beginning of the movie is what people think linguists care about – although in reality, most linguists don’t give a damn about some portuguese people “like, totally, caring about their language which is like totally intertwined with their culture” or whatnot. This is not only BS, but also continues to spread false ideas about linguistics.

In the end, they also have some kind of search box, where the questions is “How could we communicate with aliens?”, and the answer for the relevant scientist is “astronomer”.

Yeah, I’m sure that an astronomer is the best choice, considering that the alien ship already landed on the earth…

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