Video on human evolution

Here is a really well made video on human evolution, starting with the split between chimpanzees and the rest of hominins 7 million years ago. It’s a great visualization, showing the origin of the fossil record and the possible range of the associated species, with special evolutionary ‘inventions’ marked in the timeline. Go watch it!

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The next collider

CERN has unveiled their new plan for the next, bigger collider, the Future Circular Collider (FCC).

As a citizen of the European Union, I wholeheartedly endorse such a plan, and I am more than willing that my taxes are used for this.

Not because we’re sure that we’re going to find something, but because we’re not. Right now the LHC is the frontier of our knowledge, and we have to extend that. We cannot stop, and we must not stop. We have to know, that is what makes us human.

And if the EU is leading again at the high-energy frontier, all the better!

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The history of the replication crisis

Here is an older blogpost by Andrew Gelman where he goes through the history of the replication crisis. The overall topic of the post is his reply to Susan Fiske (who called the critics of research methods in psychology methodological terrorist and data police). To explain and situate her reaction he goes over the development of this issues over the decades, resulting in a short history of data practice in psychology.

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Ancient flutes

Not quite sure where this fits in on the linguistics-physics spectrum (probably emergence of intelligence and therefore a remote connection to evolang) but here is a video where a professional musician plays a 60.000 year old supposed Neanderthal flute. I don’t know exactly why but it’s quite mesmerizing.

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Oppan Chomsky Style

As a further entry in the series of ‘Linguists in popular media’, here is a link to MIT’s version of Gangnam Style. Around 3:17, a certain someone makes an appearance, showing off his so far unknown musical skills đŸ˜‰

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Bewildered scientists

I found a small and unfortunately inactive blog on linguistics which I nonetheless wanted to share! It’s called The Confused Academic and has a total of 3 blog posts (well, its 2 1/2 actually, the first post I will quote in its entirety: “Hello World!”).

The other two posts are concerned with the evolution of the faculty of language, or rather criticizes the attitude and reasoning of (some) minimalists regarding the relevance of evolutionary considerations wrt to minimalist theorizing. (Unsurprisingly, Norbert Hornstein makes some appearances).

It’s sad that the life time of this blog was so short, but maybe it will be revived again in the future.

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Linguistics videos

This YouTube channel provides animated as well as real (MRI) videos of the articulation of different phonemes. I think it’s a great resources for people interested in phonology/phonetics who want to visualize all the stuff they learn, manner and place of articulation and whatnot.

This video here is about whether there are accents in sign languages, an interesting question! The answer, however, shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows that sign languages are perfectly normal languages.

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